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Electricity Tariffs (as of 1st April 2011)

You should be always aware of the current electricity tariffs so that you will be better informed of what you are paying and understand the need to purchase Energy Efficient Products.

The highest ever recorded electricity tariffs was $0.3258/kWh (with GST) on Oct~Dec 2008. This was also the time where the fuel oil prices were at its highest.

Electricity Tariffs as of 1st April 2011
Low Tension / Residential / 27.37 cents per kWh (inclusive of prevailing GST)
** information courtesy of Singapore Power, http://www.spservices.sg/
** the electricity tariffs is revised once every 3 months, the charges above are accurate as of 1st April 2011.
** Do check the lastest from the Singapore Power website.

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